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Barnes and Noble - Book Signing

Over the weekend, I had my first in person book event for my debut book, Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement, but I think my excitement overshadowed my nerves. My local Barnes and Noble asked me if I would like to do a book signing a couple of months ago and of course I said yes (it really was more like—heck yeah). Leading up to the event, I told literally everyone that I know about the book signing and invited them to come out. Fortunately for me, one of the local news stations asked me to do a segment a couple of days prior to the event, which provided added buzz.

It was difficult figuring out what I was going to write in the books and how I would sign my name. I must have practiced signing my name about fifty million times. I had ordered business cards, cute pencils, and book markers to put on my table. If you are going to do a book signing, you want to make sure your table is inviting.

On the day of the book signing, I arrived at Barnes and Noble early to set up my table in the children’s section of the store. Not knowing what to expect, I was fully prepared for whatever the day was going to bring. The day was a huge success! I completely sold out of book and ended up being one of the bookstore’s best selling books for the week!

Being a self-published author is hard work…don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that is easy. But I absolutely love it! There is nothing like a nine year old girl telling you that she has read your book three times and asking when will your next book be released. As a debut author, I am still figuring things out on this writing journey, but I am enjoying all of the twists and turns.

If you are a debut author or just starting out in your writing journey, please let me know how its going.

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  1. Hi!! I just finished my 2nd book and I’m excited to get it published. I like your Instagram and web page. I plan on buying your books because I’m a YA writer as well. I just write for teens. I do see how much work we have to put in, but reading your story gives me hope for when I start my marketing process. Thanks for sharing! ….Robyn

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