Your Voice Your Vote

February 28, 2020 Micheal 0

Most of the country will have the opportunity to vote in the Presidential Primary some time in March 2020.  I want to encourage you to […]

Ode To Black History

February 20, 2020 Micheal 1

“We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.”  […]

A Fresh Start

February 14, 2020 Micheal 2

The start of a new year often sends people into overdrive with new years resolutions and the desire to make a fresh start.  One of […]

Book Club

February 9, 2020 Micheal 6

Recently, my girlfriends and I decided to start a book club.  Now this is not your typical book club … although we may have wine, […]

Happy Place

February 5, 2020 Micheal 6

Let me just tell you, that this right here will quickly take me to my happy place.  Give me a nice hardback book written by […]