A Fresh Start

The start of a new year often sends people into overdrive with new years resolutions and the desire to make a fresh start.  One of the most popular new year’s resolution that people make, is to lose weight or some sort of commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Hey … I get it, and this year I am right there with the rest of the umpteen million folk that have committed to a healthier lifestyle.  As I’m approaching my 50th birthday, which I consider to be a major milestone, I have committed to adopting a sustainable lifestyle change.  I don’t think it matters that I’ve made this commitment a time or two before, I think what matters is that I seem to be sticking to my commitment and I am shocked and delighted at the same time.
I think the fact that I am turning the big 5-0 has a lot to do with my decision to be all in.  Motivation seems to be the thing that has often eluded me.  Nevertheless, I seem to have established some sort of agreement with this thing called motivation because it seems to be sticking around this time!  I am absolutely no fitness guru and half of the time I am simply trying to figure out what I am doing.
What does seem to be working is the accountability team that I’ve established and the level of commitment that I’ve shown towards adopting healthier eating.  A childhood friend of mine has really inspired me with his dedication to staying healthy and making sure that he inspires those around him to get healthy.  Although he lives across the country, he still works out with me weekly and gives me all kinds of tips on how to make smart choices.
There are so many lifestyle options to choose from when trying to eat clean and healthy.  Whether you do  Keto, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Intermittent Fasting, Noom, Nutrisystem, or any of the other options that are available, it is important to remember that a level of commitment is required in order to achieve some measure of success.  I chose to adopt the Intermittent Fasting as a lifestyle because it seems to be something that I am able to stick too and it is working for me.
I have increased my activity and making better eating choices daily.  I am extremely grateful for my accountability team and encourage you to find what works for you.  Today is a great day to start making better choices about your health and I hope that motivation finds you. 🏃❤😊🍎🍇👍


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