Your Voice Your Vote

Most of the country will have the opportunity to vote in the Presidential Primary some time in March 2020.  I want to encourage you to use your voice and vote!  As an American citizen, it is our constitutional right to vote.  A right that was not always allowed to people like me.  My right to vote was not freely given, but came at a steep cost of so many who came before me.  Because of the courageous actions of those that fought and died, so that I could exercise my right to vote without fear of bodily harm, intimidation, or retaliation, I go to the polls with purpose and intent.
It is so important to make sure that the elected politicians are a representation of us and our communities.  If you want better representation, quality education, affordable healthcare, better care for our Veterans, and higher wages, then you need to do your part to increase voter turnout.  It is just as important, if not more so that we vote in the legislative election as well as the executive election.  There is power in your vote!  Our vote and money seem to be the only thing that capture a  politicians attention.
It doesn’t matter who you vote for … just make sure you vote.  Because of the heavy price that was paid to ensure my right to vote, I will always make sure I am present at the polls.
This picture was shared on the official site of When We All Vote and I thought it was super cool that our former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama liked my picture on social media.
Be the difference and vote!

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