Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is a pretty interesting city.  They have so much history and not all of it is good.  I learned that they have a long history of civil unrest due to religion and politics.  Catholics and Protestants have been fighting for years and at one time or another both groups have been viewed as second class citizens.
For the last 22 years they have lived in peace.  That is correct … only the last 22 years has the fighting cease to exist.   Our tour guide said that many people believe that you could tell if someone was Catholic or Protestant simply by looking at them.  I was shocked at that belief.   I also learned that Ireland hasn’t had a functioning government for the last 2 years.
Aside from the checkered history, the city is beautiful and has a lot of interesting sights.  I visited the Botanical Gardens, Ulster Museum, Queen’s University,  and the Parliament Building often referred to as Stormont. 

I am having a fabulous time and will make another post as time permits.  I have a lot of great pictures and will share more later.  Until next time, do something exciting and let me know how much you enjoyed it.
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