Empty Nester

Settling into this new lifestyle of empty nesting has taken some getting use to.  Going from never having enough time and constantly needing more hours in the day, to all of a sudden having an abundance of time somehow left me feeling off-kilter most days.  However I am elated to say that is no longer the case!  I enjoy all of the freedom that I have now and the time that my husband and I get to spend together dating, traveling, and having the liberty to do whatever we want.  

Now that my daughters are away at college, it is rare that we get to spend time with them … especially the summers.  This summer we were fortunate enough to have both girls get internships in St. Louis, which allowed them to spend the entire summer at home.  This doesn’t usually happen and even though we love being empty nester’s it has truly been a joy to have both girls at home.  This weekend we went to an Escape Room where we were given one hour to solve a murder mystery.  It was a lot of fun and although we were so close, we were not able to identify the murderer before our time ran out.  My family did have a lot of fun trying to solve the mystery and we enjoyed hanging out in the historical downtown of St. Charles.  

I was also able to knock off a couple things from my wonderful list 😃

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