Booking Excursions

        I have really enjoyed researching interesting things to do in the British Isles.  I have a two week cruise coming up in a little over a month and I have booked a few excursions.  Recently I planned an excursion to visit Malahide Castle which is near Dublin, Ireland.  It is a stately medieval castle with a lot of rich history.  I also will get to check this off of the my 50 Things Before 50 list!  Since I am visiting three cities in Ireland, I will no doubt get to visit a few Irish Pubs for some liquid libations!    
      Paris, France is another destination on my cruise as well as London, England.  I am really looking forward to having afternoon tea in London.  I don’t have a place in mind just yet though.  Other than visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there is not much on my itinerary.  If anyone has any suggestions for Paris or London, please feel free to leave them in the comments for me.     
       I will keep you abreast of how things are progressing with my travel plans.  Until then, do something out of the norm and have fun doing it!    

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Malahide Castle – Dublin, Ireland


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