Positive Vibes

     I have received so much encouragement this week, and I am glad to see that people have been so responsive to my blog!  Several people have contacted me after reviewing my “50 Things Before 50” list to say that they want to do a specific activity on the list me.  I am so excited about that because having friends that are willing to go along with your crazy ideas makes life more interesting and is just plain fun!      
 I want to stretch myself more in this season and try things that I’ve never had the nerve to do or that is just simply out of my comfort zone.  Let me encourage you to try something new and stretch yourself in an area and see what the outcome is. (Keep me updated by posting to my“Join Me” page or in the comments!) I’m striving to bring positive vibes everywhere I go and am staying sucka free.  Until next time!

motivational ocean view with Steve Jobs quote about working with your passion


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