Inaugural Post

     Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Micheal Anderson although my family and close friends simply call me Mike.  I am a newbie to the world of blogging and want to introduce myself. Being an empty-nester and approaching a milestone birthday has caused me to give some serious thought to what my next chapter will look like.  So much of my identity has been tied directly to my children and husband (who are pretty awesome) and now I am rediscovering myself!  

I’ve decided to embrace life as it comes and to seek out adventures and new experiences.  I have discovered that if I allow things like fear, time, or lack of finances to hold me back …then my world becomes very small.  If I do not allow these things to be a factor, then anything is possible.  I know that all things are possible and I look forward to many exciting experiences.  I will make posts about my adventures and escapades and encourage you to follow me as I do.  

Venice, Italy.


  1. Thanks for commenting. I'm not sure why you are showing as unknown, but let me know if you want to tackle anything on my list with me. I'm ready!

  2. Hey Micheal! I am so happy for you and the creation of your blog. I wish I had the dedication and commitment to do something like this. You will inspire so many women to do things outside of their norm and live their Best Life! I cannot wait to see what is next to come! Kimberly

  3. Kim, you are tenacious! Glad you figured out how to post a comment! I am enjoying this rediscovery process and look forward to doing some amazing things together in September.

  4. Yassss May June, can't wait! You had a great idea yesterday and I am giving it some serious thought. Girl we have so much good stuff ahead of us and I am ready for it all!

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