50 Before 50 Kickoff


  Super excited to start to tackle some of the amazing things on my 50 Before 50!  I enjoy trying new things or simply finding time to do something that I’ve never made time to do before.  Learning how to blog has been really interesting and I am continuing to learn how to make my blog more engaging.  I have my first tomato plant along with rosemary and basil, all compliments of my youngest daughter Sydney.  I have a book of poetry compliments of my eldest daughter Kaitlyn.  Today has truly been an amazing birthday and I am looking forward to an exciting year of new experiences!

#50Before50  #bestbirthday #Amsterdambound


  1. Thank you Sherri. I am having a lot of fun with the 50 Before 50 and really just blogging about different experiences. Feel free to join me in any of my activities!

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