The Next Chapter

Kicking off my birthday week means that I can finally get started on tackling my 50 Things Before 50 list!  Even though I have been under the weather this week, I refuse to be sick on my birthday!  There are so many exciting things to do on my list, I really don’t know where to start.  Between the books, puzzle, eyelash extensions, classes, etc. I struggle to decide what is going to be first.
I still have a few days to decide and I honestly cannot fully express my excitement!

I have also finalized my excursions in Paris, London, and Ireland this week.  I will try to secure tickets to visit the Anne Frank House while in Amsterdam.

Taking a bike tour in Nelson Mandela Park is also one of the smaller activities that I would like to do in Amsterdam.  

As I continue to kick this cold to the curb I am looking forward to my next chapter.  Fully enjoying my birthday this week and jumping in to my 50 Things Before 50 list with both feet!  

Until next time.  Stay hungry for new experiences!


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