Making Time For Family

     It is so easy to get caught up with our busy, active, and sometimes hectic lives that we can forget to make time for what matters most.  I moved away from home when I was in my early twenties with my husband.  Over the years I have lived in 5 different states and seem to move back and forth between the Mid West and East Coast.  One thing I value most is spending time with family, especially always being so far away.  

     This past weekend I made the quick 4 hour drive from St. Louis to Louisville to visit with my 90 year old auntie and 92 year old uncle.  My mother, three sisters, and two cousins, that I haven’t seen since their fathers funeral years ago, also drove over from Ohio.  It wasn’t anyone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.  We all decided to make time to spend with our loved ones that we do not get to see on a regular basis due to the distance.  We talked, laughed, ate, and simply enjoyed one another.  I stayed up super late and was exhausted when I got back to St. Louis and I’d do it all again!  Being able to spend those precious moments with my family was worth it!  

     I have to remind myself, like most of us, how important it is to find that work/life balance.  My goal is to not to get so busy that I forget to make time for what matters most in my life.  My family. 


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