Selfie Fun

Almost everyone these days has a smart phone that is loaded with apps designed to help simplify our busy lives.  Although there are several apps that I use regularly, I am surprised at how often I use my camera.  

I thought that it would be fun to visit The Selfie Room over the weekend, and I honestly had a blast!  I enjoy having different experiences and trying new things and so visiting The Selfie Room with a few of my friends from college seemed like a great idea.

There were several unique and fun spaces created inside,  and my girlfriends and I had fun snapping selfies on our phones.  Trying to find our angels in each of the spaces was a challenge that we were definitely up to.  Such a novel idea and I am so glad that we set some time aside to check it out.
My girlfriends and I ended up creating more fabulous memories together and had a whole lot of fun in the process.  


  1. MayJune, I am so glad that you and the girls were able to experience The Selfie Room with me this weekend! So many memories were made and this was just one of them!

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