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One thing that a lot of people have on their hands right now, is time. With so many folks working from home, being layed off, or furloughed, that leaves us (myself included) with a significant amount of time on our hands.  I have deep cleaned my home and now I am onto reading several of the books that I have been meaning to read.  I feel like an olympic literary reader if there ever was such a thing.  I just finished an amazing thriller by Dwayne Alexander Smith called Forty Acres and it was a real nail biter.  I read I Am Not Your Negro by James Baldwin and although the majority of his work is fifty to sixty years old, his words are just as powerful and relevant today.  He was definitely ahead of his time.  I also read a book of poetry by Langston Hughes called Selected Poems of Langston Hughes.  I believe in stretching myself with the material that I read and try not to stick to the same style or genre of writing.  I am not what you would consider a poet or spoken word enthusiast, but I did appreciate this collection of work by one of the poetic masters.

Currently I am reading a book called Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and although I have only read a couple of chapters, I think that this might be a real page turner.  I will update my blog with the list of new books that I have read recently, because I have read more than the few that I have mentioned in this post.

Please drop me a comment as to what you are reading … I am always looking for the next good book. I just ordered Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker and can’t wait to read it!  This is one of Oprah’s picks and has been getting a lot of buzz and positive reviews.

Since we are all stuck inside, might as well read a good book.  I look forward to your book recommendations in my comment section.
Take care, stay safe, and keep washing your hands!


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