Writing Journey

A while back I became an empty nester and I was able to rediscover myself. Now that the normal routine day to day responsibilities of being a mother had changed, I was now faced with an abundant amount of time on my hands. During that time I rediscovered my passion for telling a story. Last year I decided to start writing and I have not looked back. It began with my blog Everything Micheal and after a while I decided to write a children’s book. I thought that it would be a very short picture book, but it ended up being a middle grade chapter book. My book will be released in just a few weeks, and I am absolutely over the moon about it.

There was so much to learn during the writing process and honestly I am still learning. The toughest part was just getting started because you don’t know how all of the parts of the story are going to fit together. After I finished my story, I went through several rewrites and editing and this was difficult, but it had to be done in order for me to put forth my best work. Learning about publishing and self publishing, working with an illustrator to help me with my book cover, and creating a website were all very challenging.

Currently I am already working on my second book, and I feel like I have grown so much during this writing journey. My two daughters are avid readers, and they get their love of books from me. I made sure that we always had an abundance of books in our home so that they would always have something interesting to read. My challenge was finding books that had leading characters who looked like them. That is why I wanted to write a children’s book, because I know how valuable representation is in those formidable years. Representation matters at any age, but especially when our children are young and impressionable.

My book is called Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou, and I hope that you will purchase a copy and gift it to a young family member or perhaps a young person in your church. Stay tuned for updates on my book.


  1. Wow congratulations- very happy you found a passion and a way to challenge yourself. Can’t wait to see what’s next

  2. I cannot wait to get this book for my daughter. She loves to read books especially when the characters look like her.

  3. Congrats Micheal
    Loved hearing about your journey transitioning from the day to day hands on involvement of motherhood to empty nester and redefining your purpose. Life is is a series of starts and finishes, learning and growing, can’t wait to see and read your first book. Very proud of you. Keep motivating others to rediscover their passion.

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