Summer Time Wind Down

Who doesn’t love long lazy summer days and summer nights with just a hint a cool breeze?   Just seeing the sunshine brightens up my day and energizes me to want get out and do something.  Now that we are starting to see those bright yellow buses on our commutes to work in the morning, is a reminder that summer is coming to an end.  

I am reminded of this because it is time to take my daughters back college.  Them returning to school is always a sad reminder that summer time is over.  This weekend I found myself trying to squeeze out every ounce of these last summer days.  

I listened to a local band and did a little dancing, connected with a hometown friend for drinks downtown at the three sixty rooftop bar, and hung out with my daughters at the St. Louis Zoo.  My goal is to continue to pack as much into the last of these precious days that I can!


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