Something I’ve Recently Discovered

If you are anything like me, you probably have a ton of apps that you have downloaded on your smart phone.  Honestly, there are really just a handful that I use regularly.  Recently, I discovered the app Marco Polo.  This app is not new; it has been around for a while.  A couple of my girlfriends from college introduced me to Marco Polo last year, but only recently have I started to use the app.

This app is amazing!  It basically is video messaging not to be confused with face timing.  I have reconnected with my girlfriends from college, and we formed a group chat on Marco Polo.  We went from the occasional phone call one or twice a year to talking everyday.  I am able to record a video message at a time that is convenient for me and my friends will see it and respond when it is convenient for them. We get to share our day to day interactions and activities with one another and Marco Polo allows us to stay connected.  

My entire family is now on Marco Polo and my husband and daughters are enjoying it as well.  I recently relocated from the East Coast to the Mid West, and I have reconnected with one of my good friends via Marco Polo.  

I know it is one more app, but this one is my absolute favorite right now.  If you haven’t discovered Marco Polo for yourself, you should absolutely give it a try!  You can thank me later 😃


  1. Yes, I concur! I’m loving Marco Polo and how this app has helped with catching up with my girls and keeping up with my family! So convenient and it’s fun too! Y’all gotta try it!

  2. As a long time Marco Polo user I am so glad a friend of ours created a group for us to interact daily! With all of our busy professional and personal lives, it can become challenging to stay connected even with good intentions! But Marco Polo makes our conversations a little more personal as we get to see each other daily and now we are a part of each other’s daily lives! Thanks! #Marcopolorocks #lovethosegirlsnowladies🥰

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