Stay At Home

Having to stay inside and trying to adhere to the social distancing that has been put into effect to slow the spread of Covid-19 has allowed me to be pretty productive on the home front.  I find myself getting rid of cobwebs (note to self: don’t do this over your daughter’s head; oops!), mopping floors, reorganizing cluttered drawers, and taking a lot of walks outside.  It is funny how I have been intending to mop the floors for some time and now that we have a global pandemic, I suddenly am inspired to deep clean and de-clutter my home.  To be clear, I believe that everything in my home has its place and I make every effort to ensure things are returned to its place after use.  
Is anyone else starting to create a “honey-do” list or is it just me?  I walk outside and I see things that I can add to my “honey-do” list for my husband.  He did have the gutters cleaned for me today, so that is definitely an item that I can remove from his list 😄, but I have other things that I would like for him to still do.  
 I am not discriminating when it comes to making list, since I seem to keep finding things to add to my list as well.  I truly hope that the Covid-19 crisis will be over sooner rather than later, but one thing is for sure, I will have a much cleaner home when this is all over.
Be safe and stay inside!


  1. OMG! I couldn’t have said it better! I look at it as there is good in all bad! So yes although staying inside for such an extended amount of time is not my preference, it is necessary! So why not take this time to reflect and clean out our closets, physical and mental!��

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